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Breastfeeding Support & holistic sleep coach

Breastfeeding consultations, Antenatal  classes, Early  home visits, holistic sleep coach


Holistic sleep Coach
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(In clinic at Cork Healing Centre, blarney)

1 Hour 1:1


Early home visit

90 minute home visit


Antenatal Breastfeeding Class

 class 1:1         €150                     


Lactation Consultant  Majella Mordaunt is worth her weight in gold and was invaluable to me on my breastfeeding journey. Majella both encouraged and empowered me when I needed it most and gave me not only technical support I needed but importantly the psychological support. With her incredible knowledge and practical solutions I have successfully fed (and continue too feed) my ten month old  baby boy. Her calm nature along with her no nonsense practical approach have given my family more then I can put into words. If you are looking for a lactation consultant with knowledge, empathy and good nature then look no further and hire this amazing woman. You won't regret it. Highly recommend. Gráinne

Majella worked with my newborn and I from day 5 post partum. At this stage I was really struggling with tiredness,  the latch and fear. Majella helped me one day at a time to feed my baby and to correct my latch.  We had regular contact over the phone and home visits. Majella was always encouraging and reassuring that both baby and I were doing great. I was giving up breast feeding every day for the first three weeks but with her knowledge, love and support shown to both baby and me we climbed that hill and I breast fed my baby until she was 9 months old. Two years later I gave birth once again and because I had the tools from my previous pregnancy, the latch, milk supply and fear was  not an issue. I can't speak highly enough of Majella and the work she does. We will be forever grateful  for giving me the opportunity to  breastfeed our babies. Norma