Maternity Reflexology

Enjoy the wonders of pregnancy and relax. Holistic reflexology uses pressure to the reflexes on the feet to stimulate or sedate them, and bring the body into balance. This has remarkable benefits for relieving pain, helping mum to calm and reduce stress, boosting energy and bringing hormonal balance and emotional well being. Reflexology has been utilised for thousands of years to bring harmony within the body and has an enormous positive effect on the many physical effects of pregnancy, creating an ideal environment for your baby to grow. Treatments can be offered to mums from the second trimester on in a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy and can be tailored to mums needs at each stage. Treatments can be combined with lower leg and foot massage and Indian Head massage to leave mum feeling completely relaxed and renewed. 
Reflexology for Induction is also available to clients who have reached full term in a healthy pregnancy. 

Postnatal Reflexology

As a new mum, enjoy a relaxing reflexology treatment and avail of the benefits this has to the demands of being a parent. The benefit of this complementary therapy to your milk supply, hormone balance, fatigue and overall well being is profound. Taking the time out for you is important to maintain the energy you need to support and nurture you and your little one. 

Please note, treatments are subject to clients having no contraindications to treatment and client will be expected to complete and sign consultation prior to each treatment. A portion of the cost of reflexology therapies may be claimed back from most health insurance providers. A deposit of €20 is required to confirm reflexology bookings.